Gauklerfest Interlaken

26, 27,28 July 2024

19th International Buskers Festival Interlaken

Rosenstrasse 17, 3800 Interlaken

For the 19th time, the centre of Interlaken will be transformed into a venue for international street art! The Juggler Festival offers the best entertainment at the highest level from the 26th to 28 July 2024! Top artists, comedians, acrobats, jugglers, musicians, magicians and clowns from all over the world show their unique skills at a level where even the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau fade into the background and watch with envy! Let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere, by the great spontaneity and directness of the shows, by performances never thought possible in the middle of Interlaken's streets and be part of this straightforward theatrical art!
Laughter, amazement, seats, food and drink are provided! A unique festival for young and old!

Artists 2024

Action in the street

Cronopia Contorsiones


This one-girl street show features the best tricks of circus acrobatics.

From small pirouettes,handstands and hat juggling
to big stunts and strange body contortions.

 The whole thing is so naive, crazy and effortless that some spectators' jaws might drop.

Opus Furore (DE)

The Olympic Games unicycle  show is a crowd-puller for a wide variety of events and will delight the whole family. Mike & Mike reinterpret the Olympic Games and turn them into a competition full of artistry, comedy and spectacular juggling. The unicycles can be adjusted in height so that a wide variety of stage requirements can be catered for. And if fire is a problem, the torches can simply be replaced. Despite all the changes, one thing is always guaranteed: Olympic Games is entertainment at the highest level!

Rueben dot dot dot (AUS)

Reuben DotDotDot, he has been AROUND...

With a gymnastics and traditional Chinese circus background, Reuben cut his teeth performing on the hard streets in his home country of Australia. Hundreds of shows and a mountain of experience later, he moved on to festivals, stages, cabaret, fringes, corporate events, cruise ships, and circuses as illustrious as Cirque Du Soleil.

Having performed in 40+ countries and many cultures around the world, he has the skills and experience to provide entertainment either speaking or silent, for any age and any audience.

In short: tell him what you want, he makes it happen.

If he cannot make it happen, it probably can’t be done!

Mencho Sosa (ARG)

Mencho Sosa is a former professional footballer from Argentina,
known for his ability to handle five footballs at once.
He attended a circus school and transformed soccer fields into circus arenas
for his show at the Stockholm Street Festival in 2016.
Sosa mixes freestyle football and juggling, adding a touch of
humor to his performances.


Lisa Lottie (NL/AUS)

Watch Lisa Lottie 'bend it like Barbie' with SUPER stunts of flexibility and some of the most impressive Hula Hoop tricks you have ever seen! to top it all off, she will perform the world's most dangerous Hula Hoop trick balancing sky high on just one foot, expect great feelings of exhilaration and remember to pick your jaw off of the floor!'

Lisa was born in Amsterdam, began her circus career in traditional circus in India, trained at the national circus school of Brazil and holds a degree in circus from the conservatoire for dance & drama in London. She has performed all over the world with her street show and stage acts.

This Maag (CH)

In his latest award-winning show, This Maag presents analogue, motion-captured, interactive snapshots in a unique, action-packed film in front of an ingeniously simple rotating screen! Everything is illuminated with Swiss humour and alpine madness and complemented by breathtaking interactivity with the audience. Selfies are a thing of the past - in this show, everything is out of the ordinary. Stay in the picture and miss something different, because you're guaranteed not to be in the wrong film here!

Time Schedule

Shows by the hour

Friday 26th July, 18:00 - 24:00

Saturday 27th July 15:00 - 24:00

Sunday 28th July 15:00 - 24:00

Festival History


Cia Joca

Grant Goldie

Jack Wise


Secret Circus

Natalie Reckert



Les Dudes

Jessica Arpin

Peter Mielniczek

Anaëlle Molinario


Corona again...




Andy Giroux

Duo Looky

Witty Look





The Flying Dutchmen

Anaëlle Molinario

Manic Freak

Roli & Sepp



Jack Flash

Toni Smith

Les Dudes

The Popeye & Olive Show



Durch den erfolgreichen Auftakt waren die Erwartungen hoch. Trotz vergleichbar schlechtem Wetter zog es knapp 1'200 Personen an das Gauklerfest. Für uns ein Erfolg.

Madame blabla

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