Gauklerfest Interlaken


18th International Buskers Festival Interlaken

Rosenstrasse 17, 3800 Interlaken

For the 18th time, the centre of Interlaken will be transformed into a venue for international street art! The Juggler Festival offers the best entertainment at the highest level from 28 to 30 July 2023! Top artists, comedians, acrobats, jugglers, musicians, magicians and clowns from all over the world show their unique skills at a level where even the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau fade into the background and watch with envy! Let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere, by the great spontaneity and directness of the shows, by performances never thought possible in the middle of Interlaken's streets and be part of this straightforward theatrical art!
Laughter, amazement, seats, food and drink are provided! A unique festival for young and old!

Artists 2023

Action in the street

Grant Goldie

Grant Goldie presents That Man – Show. A man and his case in a world of chance and opportunity, creates a happening of interactive participation, acute absurdity and mesmerising manipulation. A wordless performance of charming virtuosity and high skill. Not merely a juggling show, more a projectile assault on Gravity. Refreshing, Engaging, Wholesome


It's while making turn her hoops around her, falling in a dizzying movement that this Grand Lady brings you into a universe filled of feats with an impressive and touching simplicity. Hoopelaï, a romantic comedy that warms up the hearts of the audience.

Her Majesty’s Secret Circus

International Comic Espionage. Agents Honeymoon and Butterfly are on a mission: save humanity with laughter, one show at a time. Wearing ridiculous action suits, they perform a spectacular fire juggling act and enlist the help of civilian sleeper agents. Then, in Operation Grand Finale, they shoot the world’s only bow and plunger high into the sky and catch it atop a giant one-wheeled stealth cycle. An amazing and hilarious spy-fi experience, Her Majesty’s Secret Circus truly has a license to thrill.


Sometimes being my superhero self and sometimes being a reincarnation of a piece of liquorice Natalie talks about the life of a circus performer and the stability or potential instability of her body. At times this body is an invincible, highly skilled and complex construction. At other times it is fragile, ephemeral and seems to be „made from sugar icing which melts at 20°“. This piece contains high level acrobatics, spoken word, electronic beats, 12 eggs and a lot of purple confetti.

Jack Wise

Magician and sword swallower. He taught himself the skills of suggestion and psychological manipulation, which gives him the appearance of being a mind reader! He can slow his heart down to less than 10 beats per minute, which has no practical use but really scares people. Because he has mastered the art of sword swallowing, Jack is one of only sixty sword swallowers in the world today. He is proud to be a member of the Sword Swallowers International Association. Many people have asked Jack as a magician how he does these things, even more people ask why? His answer is always the same ... "Because I can".

Cia Joca

Just a cup of tea. Satisfied with yourself and the world, enjoying a nice cup of hot tea and let time passing by... that's how every day could start. If there wouldn't be someone interfering again and again! "Just a Cup of Tea" is a Never Ending Story about the unusual friendship between two very different characters, using not only humour and theater, but also dance, acrobatics, cyr wheel(s), handstand-equilibristics and an artistic pole.


Time Schedule

Shows by the hour

Friday 28th July, 18:00 - 24:00

Saturday 29th July 15:00 - 24:00

Sunday 30st July 15:00 - 24:00

Festival History



Les Dudes

Jessica Arpin

Peter Mielniczek

Anaëlle Molinario


Corona again...




Andy Giroux

Duo Looky

Witty Look





The Flying Dutchmen

Anaëlle Molinario

Manic Freak

Roli & Sepp



Jack Flash

Toni Smith

Les Dudes

The Popeye & Olive Show



Durch den erfolgreichen Auftakt waren die Erwartungen hoch. Trotz vergleichbar schlechtem Wetter zog es knapp 1'200 Personen an das Gauklerfest. Für uns ein Erfolg.

Madame blabla

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