Gauklerfest Interlaken


Friday 27 - Sunday 29 July 2018

15th International Buskers Festival Interlaken

For the 14th time, the center of Interlaken is about to be transformed into a scene of International Street Performance! From the 28th to 30th July Brasserie 17 presents artists of the highest calibre. Comedians, contortionists, acrobats and  jugglers from around the world demonstrate their unique skills to a level where even the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau take a back seat and watch enviously! Be enchanted by the unique atmosphere and great spontaneity of the shows and witness breathtaking skills in the middle of Interlaken streets. Come and be part of this immediate theatrical art!
Laughter, amazement, seats, food and drinks are all  provided! A unique festival for all the family.

P.S :
Admission is free, but remember - laughter and applause are indeed the bread of artists and always welcome, but rent and bills need to be paid with money!  You are encouraged to partake in the ancient tradition of donating into the hat after the performances!

Artists 2018

Action in the street


Ever wanted to be STRONGER, FASTER and SMARTER? Well, your answer is WONDER DRINK! Highly original and innovative, Mantega invites the audience to a wordless journey where tons of laughs and gasps of amazement are guaranteed. In a show that makes the perfect blend between theater and high level circus skills you will see Mantega juggle and manipulate unusual objects such as glasses, ice cubes and liquids and be amazed by an impossible grand finale.
Disguised as a living room, the show affords endless surprises as nothing is quite what it seems and props are discovered accidentally and exploited with subtlety and fun.

The Flying Dutchmen

Amsterdam's Juggler Michiel Hesseling... "A Mozart in his profession" and Canada's fearless crazy French Canadian Unicyclist Jean-Michel Paré combined their multiple talents and became The Flying Dutchmen. These old school comic geniuses are considered heroes in the world of international street performance. Unbridled comedy in a relaxed atmosphere, and a freewheeling use of the most astonishing stunts reaches all types of crowds, regardless of continent, regardless of age. With interchangeable skills, yet inimitable styles, they gained more than ten first prizes around the world. More important than their high skills is the contact with the audience. Always looking for improvisation and comedy. Every show is still an adventure and a lot of fun for both artists. The audience is very aware of that. Fellow performers that praise you is often seen as the highest form of praise. This is what the Buskers Hall of Fame wrote about The Flying Dutchmen a few years ago: “The Flying Dutchmen produced a show that is  slicker, funnier, tighter and more cumulatively skilful than anything seen in street performances living memory.”

Anaëlle Molinario

The Contortionist (Serpent Woman) Anaëlle Molinario stunnes with almost incredible body contortions She offers a 20min show of physical comedy and high-level circus artistry. Anaelle not only brings her jaw-dropping contortion and multi-hooping skills together for this fun, upbeat, family show, but as a talented comedienne, will guarantee a whole lot of laughter from the audience whilst demonstrating a thing or two most people would never even dream of.

Manic Freak

A crazy eccentric, a freak, a person that enjoy vertigo, an individual in love with disequilibrium. Manic Freak is a dynamic and charismatic character, which drive only by desire finds humor in the precise moment of tension. Breaking apart traditional structures, this character moves around the stage interacting directly with the audience. By combining juggling, acrobatics and equilibrium, it manages to captivate the public, going from tenders to absurd, thus reaching latter our most sensible nature: our inner child.

Roli & Sepp


"Stranded in ...! Roli and Sepp carry their lives with them - literally. The two lovable guys somehow do not fit into our world and yet they have something to tell us. An odyssey full of poetry and high waves. When the two Swiss are stranded in Linz and try to get their "ship Margrit" back afloat, an absurdly-tuned play with humor, full body use and a good pinch of Rock 'N Roll arises. A street spectacle for young and old!


Muruya   wants to wear high heels & fancy clothes but her awkwardness  won´t let her. She really trys to get her hair done…. But is not possible, the curly hair is out of control. Muruya dreams about dancing tango with a man, she looks trough the audience looking for a dancing partner…. Instead she dances with Mingo, her  giant puppet.
The slack rope appears to bring the balance that curly lady clown is missing. Without many words this curly lady clown communicates a lot using circus skills as slack rope, hat manipulation, clownery & hulla hulla.

Time Schedule

Shows by the hour

Freitag 27. Juli, ab 18:00 - 24:00 Uhr

Samstag 28. Juli, ab 15:00 - 24:00 Uhr

Sonntag 29. Juli, ab 15:00 - 24:00 Uhr

Festival History


Jack Flash

Toni Smith

Les Dudes

The Popeye & Olive Show



Durch den erfolgreichen Auftakt waren die Erwartungen hoch. Trotz vergleichbar schlechtem Wetter zog es knapp 1'200 Personen an das Gauklerfest. Für uns ein Erfolg.

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